Well aware of the advantages and benefits the EBT cards have for us we also must know that it should be handled properly and with well care to make it durable and more efficient in the usage. These cards are issued to the people in need to get different benefits of the State welfare programs. You can easily get your card visiting the nearest DTA office and fill in the application form. To get detailed information about the cards and all the benefits do check out the ebt.acs-inc.com review. If you fulfill the required criteria you will have your SNAP account made up and will be eligible to get each kind of the benefits under the program. Also, you will be able to get the advantage to using it as the ATM card for necessary cash Withdrawals and stuff. But only using the card is not limited you also need to make sure some of the following aspects of having the safe use of the card enabled.

The secret PIN

Shortened for the personal identification number this helps you set up the unique signature for your cards. You need to insert the secret PIN whenever you need to use the card and avail the benefit. But also you need to keep in mind the following point to guarantee the safe use of your card.

Do not share your secret PIN with anyone, as anyone having your card as well as knowledge of the PIN can easily use the benefits.

The benefits used by anyone other than you will not be replaced so think wisely before letting anyone use your card or the secret PIN.

Do not write the PIN on the card or the card sleeve to avoid it leaking out to anyone else.

Be careful while entering the PIN in the machine both while at ATM or any store, to make sure no one has looked at the secret PIN while you are entering it.

While using EBT card at ATM

You EBT cards can easily be used as the ATMs and you can easily withdraw the required cash. There are a few of the measures of things that you need to keep in mind while using your card as the ATM when required. These points will surely help you use your card safely and avoid people using your benefits.

Use only the ATM that you feel safe for use.

Also make sure no one else is looking at the secret PIN of your card while you are entering it to make the withdrawals, as this can make your PIN number leak and may land you in future trouble.

Make sure you do not write or scratch anything on the card to make sure it is appropriate for usage.

Also be careful while inserting and taking the card out of the machine, so that you do not damage it in rush.